• Special Lunch

  • Special Dinner
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      • Chicken Basil

        Shrimp +$2.00

        Slices of chicken cooked with basil, jalapeno, onion, bell pepper.

        Chicken Basil
      • Ginger Chicken


        Stir fried chicken with ginger, mushroom, carrots, onion in garlic sauce.

        Ginger Chicken
      • Spicy Catfish


        Catfish fillet pan fried with curry paste and basil.

        Spicy Catfish
      • Kana Mhoo Krop


        Roasted pork stir fried with Chinese broccoli in garlic and oyster sauce.

        Kana Mhoo Krop
      • BBQ & Roast Pork On rice

      • Garlic & Pepper


        Your choice of chicken or beef, stir fired with garlic and pepper, green onion in our homemade sauce.